About Us

WashMec uses high pressure Steam cleaning technology to clean your vehicle inside and out giving it a brand-new appearance, without the use of harmful chemicals. Steam cleaning your car’s interior not only helps you get rid of hard-to-remove stains but also freshens up its look and smell. Professionals at WashMec use Optima Steamer for steam cleaning. Jets of steam are used at a very high speed which offers a wonderful way to preserve the value of your car and makes it look brand-new even after years of use.

Instead of using large amounts of water to clean your car, a steam machine will deliver high-pressure steam to blast away surface dirt, grease, grime, road dust, and other unwanted stuff from your car. Furthermore, steam effectively eliminates dirt on the car without the need of chemical cleaning products to wash off the dirt. Steam simply breaks the adhesive bond between dirt and your car’s surface, so the former simply slides off the car. There is no better way to prep your car for a waxing or polishing job than to steam clean it from top to bottom. Using WashMec car wash service you get a perfectly shiny, sanitized, and clean car with no chemical residue or toxic runoff harming it or nature.

Having your car steam cleaned by WashMec is far from cheap and eco-friendly. WashMec use high quality products, tools and equipment to ensure your vehicle gets the proper treatment it deserves. Because how you take care of your car says a lot about you.. If you want to experience the brilliant results first hand, schedule your appointment with WashMec right away!